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How beautiful a person looks wearing a captivating earrings! I love wearing all kinds of earrings – be it a stud, a jhumka or a hanging.

I am reminded of songs dedicated to praise beauty of a woman wearing magnificent earrings. “Jhumka Gira Re”, “Hai Re Hai Tera Jhumka”.

I am enchanted with this pretty thing. I am in the process of collecting a huge number. Wish me good luck






Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t like to drink in an attractive mug? Whether it is coffee, tea or milk. I love different varieties of Mugs.

I am greatly impressed by the Mugs these days. It is simple, light weight and unbreakable. The colors and designs mesmerises me.I look forward to have a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug in the evenings listening to a melodious song . A very relaxing moment for me indeed. 🙂 




Mobile Phone

How delighted we are when we use our mobile phones to keep in touch with our dear and near ones. Does it help in communication? Well, it holds true to an extent since it’s a necessity. It serves as a mini computers these days.

My phone  too is very helpful. But I get irritated with the number of wanted and unwanted calls in a day. It’s more like a medium for gossip these days. I put my mobile in silent Mode most of the time to stay calm and undisturbed. There’s no use in buying a high end set just to gossip.


Concentration is the ability to pay close attention to the task at hand. All of us have the ability to concentrate well, but we do not.Why are we unable to concentrate?

Our mind wanders from topic to topic. We are preoccupied with completing a task rather than doing it perfectly.

Often we are burdened with hectic work and tight deadlines.Frequent interruptions make matters worse .Quality of work under these circumstances is compromised, leading to loss of interest in the work.

We need to be happy to concentrate on anything and complete it successfully.If we are worried, our mental energy is dissipated depriving us of the pleasure of enjoying our work.

Feedback, recognition and appreciation motivate us to work hard.Lack of these create a negative attitude towards the task at hand.

Chronic lack of concentration could arise from serious psychological issues like fatigue, memory loss, slow response and forgetfulness.

Concentration can be improved by:

Focusing on one task at a time.

  • Following a systematic method to finish a task.
  • Being organised.
  • Giving rest to body and mind.
  • Relaxing with activities like
    • listening to music
    • going for long drives
    • spending time with loved ones


  • Meditation
  • Doing yoga
  • Understanding one’s limitations and coping with the situation.
  • Finding happiness at work.

Melody in the Shor of the City

This calm, soothing and melodious song by Shreya Ghoshal and Tochi Raina is ironically from the movie Shor (Noise) in the City. It captures the beautiful, unsaid, ambiguity of unexpressed affection. The slow process of falling in love and the unfamiliar becoming familiar.


Song: Saibo
Movie: Shor In The City
Lyricist: Sameer

Mann yeh saheb ji
jane hai sab ji
phir bhi banaye bahane

naina nawabi ji
dekhe hai sab ji
phir bhi na samjhe ishare

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