Concentration is the ability to pay close attention to the task at hand. All of us have the ability to concentrate well, but we do not.Why are we unable to concentrate?

Our mind wanders from topic to topic. We are preoccupied with completing a task rather than doing it perfectly.

Often we are burdened with hectic work and tight deadlines.Frequent interruptions make matters worse .Quality of work under these circumstances is compromised, leading to loss of interest in the work.

We need to be happy to concentrate on anything and complete it successfully.If we are worried, our mental energy is dissipated depriving us of the pleasure of enjoying our work.

Feedback, recognition and appreciation motivate us to work hard.Lack of these create a negative attitude towards the task at hand.

Chronic lack of concentration could arise from serious psychological issues like fatigue, memory loss, slow response and forgetfulness.

Concentration can be improved by:

Focusing on one task at a time.

  • Following a systematic method to finish a task.
  • Being organised.
  • Giving rest to body and mind.
  • Relaxing with activities like
    • listening to music
    • going for long drives
    • spending time with loved ones


  • Meditation
  • Doing yoga
  • Understanding one’s limitations and coping with the situation.
  • Finding happiness at work.