What are handbags? Why are they used? Is it serving its purpose?

A handbag is nothing but a purse to carry our things. Earlier, the handbags were invented for a different purpose. It was a medium to carry money while women went for a short walk. Some cash in hand that could come to use in emergency. Handbags were a symbol of pride and dignity. While the other rich carried it in their hands, the women viewed them with jealousy. 

Handbags have underwent drastic changes  since centuries in design, usage, quality and cost. People get used to all kinds of changes in a short span of time.

In the present twenty second century , fashion is the top priority to decide anything. Most of the women no longer think of all the factors before buying. They choose the one which is trendy.The design
Of the handbag should be cordial worth its usage. What is the use of having a big handbag when the space is undivided and dumping all the things is the only option? Instead a small handbag with space divided will for keeping things in an organised way is much appreciated.

I would suggest  all to buy a handbag not just looking at the design but also the usage.