I always wonder about my attachment towards pens. I am very happy to write with different kinds of pens. Be it a ball point pen, ink , gel or a  Fountain pen. When did I start becoming so attracted to it is still a mystery to me.

My first experience of owning a pen starts with my father. He was very fond of writing with good pens. He had a number of friends who got him pens from abroad. He kept it carefully and used it wisely. I started collecting the empty pens first. Slowly, I gained interest in accumulating used, unused and empty pens. The good handwriting that I have today is all because of experimenting with different varieties of pens.

The craziness was so intense that I had gathered around three thousand pens at one point of time. My most devoted work was to count all that on every Sunday morning 🙂

These memories brings a big smile on my face today. I am still addicted to use good pens but I no longer preserve the empty ones 🙂