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Month: August 2015



What is calmness? What is being in the state of calmness? I think I never understood the meaning of calmness nor experienced the state completely.


Well , What’s calmness then? I feel it’s the spirit of understanding the situation and treating it in a positive way. A lot of confusions and misunderstandings can be avoided if we remain calm.

Remaining calm also means not to react and remain quiet for some time. My friend often tells me to respond and not to react to a situation. I feel that’s a quite true statement. Often I regret for reacting.

The best solution to remain calm is to do self analysis, find out the merits and demerits of the thing being discussed and then to speak out. If there is no time at all, then remaining quiet for a few minutes is the best possible way out of it.

Staying calm is a way of relaxing and watching over everything from a third person’s point of view. I think I can achieve a great sense of happiness and contentment by remaining calm

A beautiful, unforgettable movie

I came across one of the most heart melting and haunting masterpiece recently-The Grave of the Fireflies. There are no proper adjectives to describe this movie. It is highly emotional and one of the best movies ever made in Japan. It is the best classic cult.

The movie talks about the life of two young children during the war. The suffering of the siblings when their mother die and when they are unable to get the food is brought alive by the director. The innocence of the children is picturised wonderfully. The fireflies is also one of the characters of the movie.

This movie brought in a strong emotional response from many people. I shed a lot of tears while watching it. It is one of the most remarkable movie in my opinion.

My Memories of Pens

I always wonder about my attachment towards pens. I am very happy to write with different kinds of pens. Be it a ball point pen, ink , gel or a  Fountain pen. When did I start becoming so attracted to it is still a mystery to me.

My first experience of owning a pen starts with my father. He was very fond of writing with good pens. He had a number of friends who got him pens from abroad. He kept it carefully and used it wisely. I started collecting the empty pens first. Slowly, I gained interest in accumulating used, unused and empty pens. The good handwriting that I have today is all because of experimenting with different varieties of pens.

The craziness was so intense that I had gathered around three thousand pens at one point of time. My most devoted work was to count all that on every Sunday morning 🙂

These memories brings a big smile on my face today. I am still addicted to use good pens but I no longer preserve the empty ones 🙂




A prefect Sunday evening!

Wow! What a pleasant experience it is to watch Poirot and Inspector Morse. I found a rare combination of perfection, smartness and intelligence in these individuals.

It was worth watching an episode of these two on a Sunday evening rather than a crowded mall or cinema theatre. The stories  were full of mystery, suspense and thrilling elements. The stories unfold from familiarity to strangeness. I was quite amazed by their keen sense of observation. David Suchet and John Thaw are superb in their roles. I have made up my mind to watch all their episodes.


How beautiful a person looks wearing a captivating earrings! I love wearing all kinds of earrings – be it a stud, a jhumka or a hanging.

I am reminded of songs dedicated to praise beauty of a woman wearing magnificent earrings. “Jhumka Gira Re”, “Hai Re Hai Tera Jhumka”.

I am enchanted with this pretty thing. I am in the process of collecting a huge number. Wish me good luck






Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t like to drink in an attractive mug? Whether it is coffee, tea or milk. I love different varieties of Mugs.

I am greatly impressed by the Mugs these days. It is simple, light weight and unbreakable. The colors and designs mesmerises me.I look forward to have a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug in the evenings listening to a melodious song . A very relaxing moment for me indeed. 🙂 




Mobile Phone

How delighted we are when we use our mobile phones to keep in touch with our dear and near ones. Does it help in communication? Well, it holds true to an extent since it’s a necessity. It serves as a mini computers these days.

My phone  too is very helpful. But I get irritated with the number of wanted and unwanted calls in a day. It’s more like a medium for gossip these days. I put my mobile in silent Mode most of the time to stay calm and undisturbed. There’s no use in buying a high end set just to gossip.

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